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What Is the CoRe Blog?

The CoRe Blog is the interactive online platform for up-to-date analysis of EU competition law developments. It’s the blog companion of the quarterly double blind peer-reviewed European Competition and Regulatory Law Review (CoRe). The CoRe Blog fills in the gaps that a 4-times-a-year journal can’t address: immediate updates and analysis of breaking news in EU competition and regulatory law and the opportunity to discuss these developments directly with other experts through our Comments section.

A unique feature of the CoRe Blog is its EU Case Digest – an expanding reference database of competition law cases of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). Curated by the EU competition law leader for EY Law, Kiran Desai, the Digest highlights key parts of CJEU judgments in an unbiased way – using and cross-referencing the Court’s classification. The database is a valuable (and importantly – neutral!) tool for competition law practitioners and researchers who need a) the essence of new judgments and b) a reference guide to the body of EU case law on competition.

Share Your Views

We want to hear what you think about the hot topics in EU competition and regulatory law. So share your thoughts in the Comments section of every blog post or submit your own post (500-2000 words) as an external author. The author of the most popular blog post in the last quarter will be published in the CoRe journal and get a free copy of an issue of their choice.

Diversity and Quality

Discussions about EU competition law can get heated. Experts with opposing views often (passionately) disagree on the fundaments and/or the details of EU competition law. And with fines that hurt, the stakes are high in this field of law. The CoRe Blog is a neutral platform that welcomes all perspectives … as long as the quality of the argument is sound and the discussion tone is respectful. Our team of blog editors is there to guarantee this ambition.

Types of Posts

The blog distinguishes between three types of posts and gives the option to filter the content per type.


Posts about current developments in EU competition law (news, judgments, hot topics, publications), analysed by the CoRe Blog editors or external contributors.

How to publish a Feature Post as external author

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Case Digest

An entry in the EU Case Digest reference database. Reports on a recent CJEU competition ruling, highlighting the most relevant parts of the judgment, citing the Court directly. The Case Digest posts are delivered exclusively by the Digest editor.

CoRe News

Useful updates about the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review (CoRe), CoRe events on competition law, and other relevant news from CoRe’s publisher – Lexxion.